Neurological MRI

Nerve MRI is helpful in detecting any sort of neurological disorder. These scans offer in depth images of the required body part from different angles and in several measurements. Neurological MRI is a radiation free, painless and non-invasive procedure that can be carried out with minimum hassles to patients. neurosurgery

MRI Scanners with Better Features

The AIRIS 2 MRI scanners are a new development in this specialty. Having its patient-friendly design, these scanners greatly reduce the discomforts experienced by children, claustrophobic, physically handicapped and obese those who have to undergo MRI. An AIRIS II MRI scanner is open on all factors and allows the patients to be examined in an entirely relaxed and comfortable position. Most of these scanners have an working field with 0. 3T strength and produce quality scanning images in better resolution and contrast.

Approaches Sent applications for Neuroimaging

Physicians hinge mostly on MRI reads to get precise scanning results that will allow them to decide on the most effective treatment. The magnetic and radio ocean used in this system produce clear and thorough scanned images. When the patient is put under the MRI machine, the protons of the specific area to be scanned will become capable of obtaining and transmitting electromagnetic energy. The signals transmitted rely upon the properties of each proton, including its flexibility and homogeneity in the magnetic field. The computer processes these transmitted indicators into two and 3 dimensional pictures.

Breakthrough Classification Procedure for Various Nerve Disorders

MRI equipment for neurological purposes is suggested for the examination of major neurological conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumors, aneurysms, strokes and eye diseases. Most of the providers offer nerve MRI scanning facility in a patient-friendly and comfortable environment.

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